Those who place Emotional Fitness as having equal value to intellectual and physical fitness sustain healthier long-term relationships.

Too often I have encountered elite athletes and academically brilliant, breathtakingly beautiful, financially successful men and women living a life of emotional bankruptcy.

To become a person who is “the WHOLE package” we must master a balanced and respectful relationship between our head’s thoughts, our heart’s feelings and our body’s actions. Too often our head and body take priority and our heart is ignored, our feelings denied or dismissed by ourselves or others. When head and body (our ego) dominate our lives at the expense of our divine heart’s true feelings we deny ourselves access to the WHOLE package of whom we really are and block our future potential. This then shows up in our external world with the inability to attract or sustain an enjoyable relationship with a mate who will consistently offer us their WHOLE package (or give all of themselves) in relationships.

If our physical needs are not being met we must look first at what shape our relationship with our own body is in. Do we respect ourselves physically and treat ourselves accordingly? Are we full of talk and no action? If so this may show up in our external relationships too.

If we feel malnourished or out of balance with intellect, conversation and financial partnership it’s an alarm to ensure our self-care with healthy, honest intellectual habits is all it can be. Do we honour what we truly think or do we edit or dumb ourselves down for approval? If so others may do this in relationships with us as well, as we model it as an acceptable way to treat us.

If our emotional needs are not being met externally, perhaps an increase is spending quality time getting support, learning how to better honour our heart’s truth would be time well spent. When emotional, physical and intellectual self-care is robust our confidence increases as we access the best we can be and as a result know we become our own dream WHOLE package, guess what happens then? Yep … We attract and sustain relationships that mirror a WHOLEhearted relationship back as we have learnt we deserve nothing less.

The Universe will not provide the WHOLE dream package for us from others until we become willing to give first the whole of ourselves the best of ourselves. Only then can we truly and generously share that with others. For we cannot give away what we don’t have.

An abundantly loving life with ourself, family and partners requires not just a fit body and mind, but also a robust and Emotionally Fit heart. Being patient, available, loving and open-minded requires commitment and honour, so let’s work these muscles a little more today, starting with ourselves?

One last tip. Our body tires and our head goes insane if we neglect to honour our deepest truth, and it is often inconvenient guidance from our wise heart!

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

Managing Director

Cynthia Morton is a bestselling Author, Blogger, Speaker and Founder of the multi award winning Emotional Fitness Program.