“Perfection is the WILLINGNESS to be imperfect”

Lao Tzu’s little reminder to own our humanness is easier said than done.

WILLINGNESS is another emotional muscle most of us rarely acknowledge or work on. We say we want change but forget to check our level of WILLINGNESS first.

All great change in life is preceded by chaos. It is crucial before sustainable change can be successful for us to be honest about how we truly think, feel and what actions we do and do not want to take in order to make room for these changes.   Substantial changes require first and foremost our WILLINGNESS. We need to be prepared to surrender our control and our predictable routines in order to make space for the new growth healthy changes create.

So if chaos is becoming unmanageable and some changes need to be made let’s start with focusing on our level of WILLINGNESS first?

Let’s check in with our head, what thoughts are blocking us?

Let’s see what new actions our body would have to replace old reactions with, and are we ready to follow thought through with action consistently, not just when it suits us, to implement this change?

Then is our heart in it? For if we are not WILLING to learn no-one can help us, but if we are absolutely WILLING to do whatever it takes, no-one can stop us.

Sometimes the hardest part of WILLINGNESS is being committed to waiting patiently in order to realise our dream.  Our WILLINGNESS to wait reveals the true value and level of self-belief we carry.

Do we feel ready to back ourselves and believe in ourselves to improve our life in this way even if chaos is more familiar than abundance?

The best way to build our WILLINGNESS muscle is with gentle consistency, baby steps, just taking one day, one step at a time.

Our level of WILLINGNESS to be patient and wait for the change we dream of to fully bloom, reveals the level of value and respect we place on who or what we are waiting for.

One last tip to be mindful of, that is if we are not WILLING to be challenged, we are not truly WILLING to make change.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx


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Cynthia Morton

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