“When you WISH upon a star, makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you”.

Do you remember Jiminy Cricket singing this first verse to offer hope to darling little Pinocchio?

There are times in some of our lives where we can really relate to Pinocchio. We feel restricted unable to be fully free as the best version of ourselves. Sometimes we feel emotionally wooden, naïve and even desperate to create a better connection to those close to us. Sometimes we tell porky pies, yes lies, in the hope that we may better meet our loved ones expectations.

Jiminy Cricket narrates the story of Pinocchio, Geppetto and The Blue Fairy. This 1940’s fairy tale has a timeless message. Fairy tales and fables are so very important and the good ones never go out of style. Sharing stories was form of home spun counseling created way, way before psychology. Tribal elders shared myths and fables with upcoming generations, long before Hollywood made a business out of it.

If our WISH is heartfelt it deserves to be sent out into the cosmos in my view. I like to visualize a WISH being like a spiritual envelope we carefully fold our dreams into before we post it off into the cosmos. When we take responsible ownership of our WISH, we make a heartfelt vow as we verbalize it. In Pinocchio, Gepetto folded his dream into his WISH envelope and sent it to stars where The Blue Fairy lived. Other methods of WISH posting are via a prayer, an affirmation or a confessional vow to a lover, therapist or priest as we choose to be a better more loving human being. If we never verbalise our dreams by popping them in a WISH envelope, it is like trying to post a blank envelope. It won’t go anywhere.

Our words are how we address our dreams, take responsibility for them, and post them off. For some they post off to Jesus or Buddha, God or Higher Power of their understanding. For others like me I always forward my deepest most beautiful dreams express post to Mother Nature and Father Time. Whatever our hearts can conceive and believe we may well just receive.

One last vital tip as we address our WISH envelopes and that is to ensure we put a return to sender on our WISH envelope in the form of a gratitude stamp. Giving thanks for what we already have as we dream for more reminds us to be gracious, patient and humble. None of us know if, when or how our WISHES will be gifted to us. Some of our dysfunctional WISHES never are granted because they were unsafe, unhealthy, unwise requests that would do us and others more harm than good.

Other WISHES grow and blossom within our lives gently like a child’s front teeth emerge, just one little bit at a time. And then there are those deep heartfelt WISHES that seem too good, too big, too wonderful to be true that sometimes years later just walk into our lives taking our breath away with delight. They are my favorite kind!

Any honest WISH based in an authentic belief in love for ourselves and another holds great value. Dreams are always made too big for us it is said, so we can grow into them. WISHING on our deepest dreams is not naïve when it is for the betterment of ourselves and others. If we are willing to back our heartfelt dreams with hard work and patience, miracles occur and dreams do come true.

The harder we work on surrendering to love, the luckier we become in love. However the hardest person to really, truly love for better and for worse is always ourselves.

Once we start to master self love not just sometimes, but in sickness and in health, for better and for worse, miracles start popping like popcorn. Unpredictably, and in their own time and way.

The Blue Fairy was Gepetto’s choice to address his heartfelt WISH to. Well to each their own I say. I personally am on first name basis with my own Pink Flower Fairies some of Mother Nature’s many messengers, but I believe fairies, angels and Mother Nature’s many secret squirrel messengers float around us daily like Australia Post letterboxes just waiting for us to surrender our WISH envelopes to them. Some of my client’s report that butterflies, rainbows, willy wagtails, feathers, shooting stars even three green traffic lights in a row signal it’s time to post their hearts dream. For them these are all private little WISH post box opportunities given by fairies, gods, angels, a higher power or loving forces they feel watching over them gently guiding them home.

Stars that we gaze on at night when we feel lost or perhaps even wonderful remind us that there is a bigger force than us at play in how this Universe operates.

Sometimes taking the time to walk outside into our backyard or onto our verandah in our P.J.s (trackie dacks, birthday suit or whatever we wear to bed) just before we call it a day can be a sacred and beautiful gift we give to ourselves.

Why not ask the Universe for a hand?

Why not post of a beautiful WISH? We deserve love, beauty and hope to return to us.

Any force that can reliably bring the sun up and down, never drop the ball when it comes to the law of gravity and make plants grow, chooks lay eggs, and gifts us with oxygen to breathe everyday knows their shit. I’m just sayin’ …

So these words are just a gentle reminder to perhaps take the time to close your eyes at bedtime, go out and look up at the beauty of the night sky.

Why not then close your eyes for a moment and take a few slow deep breaths in and out. Then open your eyes, take in this grand Universe and choose your star to make your WISH. Who knows you might even see a shooting one!

I’ll sign off with the last verse Jiminy sings to Pinocchio for you to sing along to too if you WISH …

“If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme, when you WISH upon a star as dreamers do.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

Managing Director

Cynthia Morton is a bestselling Author, Blogger, Speaker and Founder of the multi award winning Emotional Fitness Program.