Your Invitation to Web Series and Podcast Lauch

Brisbane Broncos Captain, Darius Boyd and Robin Bailey join other media personalities, sporting professionals, mental health and wellbeing experts, and a diverse range of thought provoking, straight shooting Queenslanders discuss without apology…

“The shit in life we just don’t talk about”

This refreshing new community Web and Podcast Series features 20 inspirational Queenslanders in raw and real conversations with the Web Series creator and host, Emotional Fitness Recovery Consultant, Author & Speaker Cynthia Morton.  Cynthia has had her nationally award winning Emotional Fitness Lived Experience techniques earn the following recognition: A Pride of Australia Medal (2007), An Australian of The Year Award (Local Hero Category 2005) An Award of Distinction for Services to Humanity (Australian Medical Assoc. of Qld 2004) as well as The Prime Ministers Award for outstanding contribution in drug and alcohol endeavours (2007). 

This unapologetically honest Web and Podcast Series explores the complex and confusing topics in life that too many of us struggle to discuss, understand and fully recover from;  challenges such as Anxiety, Divorce, Addiction, Trauma, Cancer, Eating Disorders, Suicide, Adoption, Grief, Depression, Social Media Obsession, Self-Harm, Parenting, Self-sabotage Betrayal & Personal Boundaries.  These are just a few of the riveting conversation topics this Web Series guests share about from their personal experiences in great depth and detail.  Emotional Fitness Recovery Conversations … “The shit in life we just don’t talk about” Web Series and Podcastwill be launched at 10am on Friday October 11, 2019 during Queensland Mental Health Week at the Conference & Education Centre in the Edwin Tooth Auditorium, Royal Brisbane Hospital. 

For further information or to RSVP please email #emotionalfitnessrecovery

Cynthia Morton

Managing Director

Cynthia Morton is a bestselling Author, Blogger, Speaker and Founder of the multi award winning Emotional Fitness Program.