Angels & Dickheads

“Embrace your inner DICKHEAD” is a line I say often quietly to myself and gently to my clients from time to time.

I believe that we all have the capacity to both enjoy ANGEL and DICKHEAD moments in this life.

Recovery circles put it another way, describing a recovering addict as having the potential to be both “A shining example” or “A bloody good warning.”

When we own both our inner ANGEL and inner DICKHEAD we discover not only inner peace and enlightenment, but also the opportunity for some bloody good laughs.

If we will not or cannot laugh at our silly, unpredictable, awkward DICKHEADNESS, we are depriving ourselves of some wonderful, joyful, tear-producing, involuntary, snorting hilarity!

It’s a strong signal from our heart that we have finally forgiven ourselves when we can relax enough to look back at all our mistakes, naivety and genuine naughtiness and enjoy a rejuvenating, joyous laugh with ourselves.

So how at peace are you with the ANGEL and DICKHEAD within yourself?

We know we have the capacity to go above and beyond for those we love from time to time. That is an ANGELIC action. To give love and kindness requiring nothing in return, finding immense joy in being generous and grateful. That is what ANGELS are all about!

How often do you allow your inner ANGEL to just fly freely within you and feel the beauty of the love you have swelling within your own heart? When we are a shining example of love, inner beauty and hope do we deflect compliments those around us give in gratitude, or accept them with grace?

We also know we have the capacity to stuff up, be silly, accidentally awkward, deliberately cheeky and unmistakably idiotic. That is our inner DICKHEAD in action. To get it so very wrong, be a dick and uncool, well that is just what being a human involves some days. How often do you allow your inner DICKHEAD to just be, without harsh shame, judgement or embarrassment?

When we are a bloody good warning of what not to do, can we take it on the chin, own it and be a good sport?

If we can make peace with both our own ANGEL and DICKHEAD we will begin to feel less intimidated and irritated with those around us. I can always tell how at peace I am with my own inner ANGEL and DICKHEAD when driving in traffic. When I can remain calm with both the kind and idiotic drivers around me I know my inner ANGEL and DICKHEAD are holding hands and all is well in my world.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

Managing Director

Cynthia Morton is a bestselling Author, Blogger, Speaker and Founder of the multi award winning Emotional Fitness Program.