No, I am not talking about Daniel Craig, not that he is not worth talking about by any means. Hmmmmm, where were we?

I wanted to chat about the other types of more authentic BONDS we desire. It has been researched and concluded that we are driven by five basic genetic needs to BOND to this human life …

1. Survival
2. Love and belonging
3. Power
4. Freedom
5. Fun.

These five universal connection points where human BONDS are created. Of the five points, our BOND to survive is the first and our strongest, but without the other four BONDS operational too our life becomes meaningless.

The second necessary BOND for a healthy life is the BOND of love and belonging and is what gives meaning to our lives and it transforms us from a state of pure survival and coping into the world of the living and the loving. However, when it comes to BOND number two, not all of us have love and belonging as available options with biological family or lovers consistently throughout our life. Love and belonging can also be found with “heart family and friendships” if we’re open to letting go of the fantasy that life is perfect for everyone else but us.

When heartfelt BONDS of love and belonging are established the knock-on, domino effect leads us to the third BOND. We then learn to claim our power, life’s number three BOND to a quality life. When we master self-empowerment we find our heart’s voice and become freer from our fears.

The fourth BOND of absolute heartfelt freedom takes time and maturity to acquire in adult life.

The last but not least important BOND we need to create in order to have a robust quality of life is with those we have fun with, starting with ourselves. So let us ask ourselves when it comes to quality BONDS (our heart wealth) what shape is our emotional portfolio in?

Have we mastered a quality of survival we are delighted with? In other words, when it comes to food, shelter and safety are we on track?

When it comes to relationships (even if we’re single or separated from our biological family) have we made sure we have quality BONDS established with good friends or elders where love and belonging is shared?

Do we spend time BONDING with others that empower us and share and support our dreams and goals?

Do we feel liberated any time, anywhere with anyone to be free to relax in the truth of who we are and who we are not?

Do we enjoy BONDS with others who laugh, play and are pure fun to relax with often?

I personally would like to thank you for taking the time to BOND with me through these words right now. Writing for me is essential to my emotional survival. You unknowingly provide for me by just showing up a shared BOND of love and belonging with our mutual interest in reading and evaluating the written word. I feel empowered each time I “unpack” and share my heart’s wanderings, it truly is freeing and a form of gentle, heartfelt fun for me each day. So I get a full, five-BOND workout here with you.

Let’s ensure we remember to do our best to include a five-BOND workout in our day, every day.


Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
© Copyright 2016 Cynthia J. Morton Emotional Fitness™

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Cynthia Morton

Managing Director

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