“All things are DIFFICULT before they are easy.”

Thomas Fuller reminds us that patience and self-compassion are necessary if we are seeking to learn new skills and experience new adventures in love and life.

Sometimes the belief that we are more emotionally DIFFICULT than the average person can be like a dysfunctional relationship that we cling on to with our obsessively loyal thoughts for warmth and comfort. Our belief puts up with us with its exasperating rolling eyes and consistent belittling and gives little in return. Leaving our familiar belief about ourselves for new uncharted emotional territory that offers freedom … can feel lonely and daunting.

Our belief in our unique DIFFICULT-NESS is always there for us, keeps us busy worrying, reminding us that we are not really capable or good enough. This deep-seated belief about our flawed lovability enables us to keep our full capacity for happiness, self-respect and abundance on pause.

Believing we are the most DIFFICULT person to love keeps us emotionally safe, like handrails we use to hold on to when we do not feel strong enough to yet stand alone.

So let us address our fear and ask ourselves why we are afraid of being more empowered and letting go of this bullshit belief?

Whose love or approval are we afraid of losing if we dare to succeed and become the very best versions of ourselves?

Is it possible that holding ourselves back with this belief that we are just too DIFFICULT helps us fit in so others are more comfortable?

Are we afraid that if we dare to be our best we will be alienated and criticised? Breaking up with our belief that we are more DIFFICULT than others is like ending a relationship, it takes courage and commitment.

Let’s also ensure we don’t do the rebound relationship thing and swap the witch for the bitch, you know replace an old dysfunctional belief with a new one?

Sometimes our biggest DIFFICULTY is being afraid of having no DIFFICULTY!

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

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