“We must accept finite DISAPOINTMENT but never lose infinite hope”

Martin Luther King shares a tough unavoidable Emotional Fitness workout for us all.

DISAPPOINTMENT is a heavy weight to lift in life and one of the most important workouts for our heart to master.

We need to become willing to pick up and pump DISAPPOINTMENT like a weight in a gym to build our hearts strength and belief that we are worthy of living our dreams.

If we seek success in claiming our dreams we will most definitely be given DISAPPOINTMENT workouts regularly. If dreams were easy to live, everyone would be doing it.

Realising dreams takes persistence, great patience but most of all a robust belief in love and the commitment to not give up on love, this is life’s most demanding and consistent lesson for us all throughout the decades.

DISAPPOINTMENT in my experience has proven to be the Universe’s way of saying to me and clients I work with …

“Please be patient, not this person, not this place, not this situation, not right now, because I’ve got something even better in store just tailor made for you.”

Yep DISAPPOINTMENT means it is faith homework time!

Faith in what you might ask?

Faith in the most magnetic but challenging assignment we get in our lifetime. Faith in believing in love, love for ourselves and our dreams, and in beautiful lasting relationships. And I’ll be honest, when I left my second marriage aged 40 I had just about given up on a long held dream that I could ever live happily ever after with a man.

I am a child of the 60’s; I adore monogamy, married life!

I actually enjoy cooking for my man, yep even packing him a love lunch to take to work some days. However, I also require my man to understand I choose to be financially self supporting, treated with respect as an independent, autonomous woman requiring a broad emotional wing span to fly solo, hunt down and capture my personal and business dreams.

“Maybe I’m just too much hard work, a walking, talking contradiction,” I had concluded.

I still take comfort in Walt Whitman’s wise words whenever I notice I may be contradicting myself …

“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes”

But nonetheless, deep in my heart rumbled like thunder often the dream of a romantic, intelligent yet lighthearted, successful, sexy, brave and loyal man.

I could feel his presence energetically in the two years from age 40 to 42 long before I physically met him. This particular big dream of mine dream did battle daily with my DISAPPOINTMENTS in myself, love and life. However, in the November of my second single year, entered the man I once believed was too good to be true for a woman like me.

“That’s him, now that’s a King” I though to myself as soon as I laid eyes on this stranger from afar. He ticked everything on my list, and way more than I ever dared dream.

Since that November in 2003 I have been living a big and beautiful life with him still.

I was given relentless emotional homework before Mr. Delicious walked into my life on holding onto my dream.

After every dud date, and two years of living alone my fear relentlessly tried to convince me I was not worthy of such a relationship. I almost believed a man like that (if he even existed) wouldn’t want someone so scarred like me with such a confronting emotional history. I personally needed those two years alone to grow up a little more, so I could mature into a woman confident enough to match him and not give my power away. So far, so, so good!

So let’s remember if something is not happening for us here and now it doesn’t mean it wont. It just means we’re not quite ready for it just yet, usually because what’s still required is a little more growth in our belief in ourselves, love and our worthiness. When DISAPPOINTMENT bruises my heart my comforting mantra to self has always been …

“This door closed for me because what I wanted, was not good for me long term and the best is yet to come”.

It has proven to be true, every single time; the secret is not giving up before the miracle has time to blossom. DISAPPOINTMENT is a demanding workout for us all. You are not alone. Every DISAPPOINTMENT provides us with the opportunity for more growth, and time and space to prepare. So if we don’t let our fears squash our heartfelt dreams, and remember our best successes come after our biggest DISAPPOINTMENTS …

The best is still yet to come!

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

Managing Director

Cynthia Morton is a bestselling Author, Blogger, Speaker and Founder of the multi award winning Emotional Fitness Program.