Food And Sex

“FOOD is like SEX, when you abstain even the worst stuff begins to look good” shares Beth McAllister …

When FOOD and SEX mean everything or nothing in our lives, this is an alarm to let us know an emotional realignment is overdue.

Fast SEX is like fast FOOD it’s cheap and not good for our heart (on every level) as a long-term lifestyle habit.

And … of course if we abstain from FOOD and SEX all together for too long eventually even the unhealthy options start to become appealing.

We can be single and still enjoy our own sexuality as we can also take the time to cook a divine meal for ourselves; it’s an act of self-care. We don’t need to be in a relationship with others, only ourselves to ensure we sustain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy our FOOD and our SEXUAL energy.

The three major areas we are hard wired for the survival of our species to pay focused attention to are FOOD, SEX and danger. If we have a robust level of Emotional Fitness that enables us to ensure we self care, when it comes to these areas we’ll remain nourished, connected and safe. Without a lifestyle of self care established, we self sabotage within these areas damaging our health, relationships and security.

When I’m working with clients that have a fragile head, heart and body connection very often when it comes to the subjects of FOOD and SEX they are stuck in “all or nothing” mode.

When we’re out of sync with ourselves we can’t get enough FOOD or SEX or … we have totally disconnected this appetite centre and couldn’t give a rats arse about healthy meals or … ever being open hearted to the opportunity of a good heart racing shag again in our lifetime!

Ancient Sanskrit wisdom that describes our internal emotional energy centres as wheels of colour or “chakras” teaches us that our pleasure centres for FOOD and SEX are located in the same area.

Pleasure is only designed to be a temporary component in our human life. Our overall “wellbeing” however is what we work on maintaining in everyday life. Our quality of physical, emotional and intellectual wellbeing is directly related to our habits of self-care or self-neglect. Those of us that self neglect are destined to become pleasure junkies or pleasure shamers. Those of us who self care enjoy a daily sense of wellbeing and are grateful for life’s pleasures creating time and space for them as and when it suits us.

Appetite and libido are designed to gently ebb and flow in harmony and balance with our own hearts palate. Some of us enjoy complex rich tastes; some prefer plain and predictable flavours.

It’s important to also remember in differing decades our pace and hunger for FOOD and SEX is supposed to change gears. So if FOOD and SEX are not enjoyable pleasure centres that dovetail harmoniously with our personal palate, we need to review a few basic universal truths.

The FOOD and SEX we invest in can either be the most powerful, safest and enjoyable form of nourishment to our lives or the slowest form of self sabotaging poison that grows even more toxic as we age.

So let’s remember today that FOOD and SEX are neither our enemy nor our saviour? Our reasons for habitual unhealthy FOOD and SEX choices are important issues that impact on our overall wellbeing so we need to address any self-neglectful habits. Fear driven habits start out as innocent efforts to self-sooth but longterm fearful habits block love from entering our lives. Unhealthy FOOD and SEX imbalances are linked with our self worth and managing feelings of danger for we all desire and deserve to feel safe.

So let’s be a little more loving and openhearted to these often shame-filled and fear driven issues so we or those we love can uncover, discover and recover?

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

Managing Director

Cynthia Morton is a bestselling Author, Blogger, Speaker and Founder of the multi award winning Emotional Fitness Program.