You are 50% of a HUG.

To strengthen our hearts love muscles and improve our Emotional Fitness in the future let us practice being more emotionally available?

Next time we give a HUG, let us ensure we allow our heart to actually physically touch the others chest, gently connecting for at least seven seconds; close our eyes and slow our breathing?

An unrushed HUG provides not only affection but also gives the gift of our time demonstrating the priority and value this person has to us regardless of our busy day.

Deliberately allowing those we care about to hold on and drink our love in for as long as they need to is a priceless gift and a true and valuable art to master.

HUGS are about letting others know how we feel about them without having to speak; our body finally gets to have its say exchanging pure heartfelt energy. If we really relax and fully surrender into the HUG we are giving or receiving, our bodies will communicate a beauty and depth that words cannot.

The health profession reports that HUGS reduce stress, ease pain, cure depression, induce sleep and rejuvenate our heart. HUGS are nature’s miracle cure for fatigued, fearful and wounded hearts.

HUGS are also a win, win situation for as we give, we also receive.

So when a loved one HUGS us from now on, let’s ensure we are the last to let go. We may find our children, friends and lovers have thirstier hearts and need us closer for longer way more than we actually realised!

Its also important that we dont forget we need four HUGS a day for emotional survival, eight HUGS a day for emotional maintenance within loving relationships an twelve HUGS a day for robust emotional GROWTH.

When we first meet our lovers and newborn children or pets, we easily surpass the twelve HUGS a day quota. How are you measuring up now after the honeymoon period concludes in the HUGGING loved ones department?

How Emotionally Fit are you when it comes to giving and receiving heartfelt HUGS?

Do you cheat and HUG your pets and children more than the grown ups you have committed to remain romantically connected with?

Lotsa love Cynthia xx

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Cynthia Morton

Managing Director

Cynthia Morton is a bestselling Author, Blogger, Speaker and Founder of the multi award winning Emotional Fitness Program.