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These two simple words coupled together, “I” and “AM,” in any language have the power to make or break the life of our dreams.

Sound over simplified?

When we start any sentence with the words I AM, we are stating specifically what we believe to be true and what we are willingly focusing our energy upon.

When we are emotionally present and use this statement responsibly, I AM draws the line between where we finish and others begin.

I AM states so simply, yet assertively, who we are and who we are not.

Many adults do not know who they are, for they are strangers to their own hearts. They know what they think, and how to act, but struggle with how much and what they really feel. They will tell us all about what they do, who they work with, are married to, divorced or separated from, all about their pets or children, but with all of that aside when asked …

“Who are you”? They struggle and might respond just with …

“I AM Cynthia”

Okay that is what you are called, but who are you?

What do you stand for and believe in?

What do you stand against and what would you die for?

My life did a dramatic U turn from fear and unfulfilled dreams to love and creating and living out drams the first time I owned one thing for sure I knew about myself.

I was a stranger to my own heart for the first 33 years of my life.

I was married, a mother, daughter, sister and friend, but did not have a bloody clue who I was aside from all of that. Incessant random inner-dialogue fills our minds day after day if we are disconnected from our hearts truth, from ourselves.

If we’re unsure of how to honour our truth, we will try to avoid our feelings, by over compensating with thinking and doing. If we live in fear of who we truly are, and how we honestly feel about life, love and ourselves, we will try denial for a while. Denial has a use by date though, usually by mid life our denial goes ‘off’ curdles and sours our life.

There comes a time where we hit a crossroads in our life, and at that point, we either own all of who we have become flaws and all, or we don’t.

If we don’t make the decision to own and honour who we truly are, we will remain a stranger to our own heart and unable to access deep and beautiful intimacy in relationships.

It is an emotionally expensive decision to make, to decide not to work on our Emotional Fitness.

When one starts the road to recovery from addiction, owning who we are and who we’ve become is the starting point.

The first time I said out aloud …

“I AM Cynthia and I’m an alcoholic/addict. I sobbed. With great relief.

The words actually hurt as they came up from my heart like a heavy ball bearing through my throat, and were birthed from my mouth. It was painfully freeing.

Addicts practice regularly saying the phrase …

I AM Cynthia and I’m an alcoholic/addict” to deshame and emotionally detox every time they say it. To own it, be unafraid of it, and eventually to love themselves regardless of it.

It’s a big journey on the heart, one day at a time and it sure as hell builds our Emotional Fitness, and shrinks our cumbersome egos.

Using the I AM tag loving towards ourselves rather than attaching our fearful negative energy to it is so vital for our emotional maturity and self respect.

Attaching “I AM” or “I” to thoughts and words deliberately is akin to saying, “Tag, you’re it!” Signed, sealed and delivered with our energy signature attached.

We either sign off on ourselves with love or fear, or we don’t commit at all and remain emotionally in ‘no mans land, lost in relationships.

“My” and “mine” are also high up on the list of powerful creation words.

Our thoughts and words are filled with love or fear and precede the life we co-create. Consider the following negative energy-creation statements:

“I AM sick and tired. I can’t ever get what I want.”

“I AM drowning in debt. I‘ll never climb out of this hole.”

“I AM shit when it comes to relationships.

“I AM a failure.”

Our emotional energy field of intention is created from our inner-dialogue.

Every time we use words such as “I, AM, my, and mine,” let’s ensure our emotional energy signature is using love and self respect, not fear?

Some of my favourite ‘uncool’ songs (I have heaps of them on my Ipod) that I sing to loudly as I drive with all the passion I can muster have the phrases I AM as powerful choruses.

I just love to sing along with Helen Reddy as she belts out

“I AM woman hear me roar”

And then there’s Neil Diamond’s beautifully reflective lyrics I love too …

“I AM, I said, To no one there, And no one heard at all, Not even the chair,

I AM, I cried, I AM said I,

And I AM lost, and I can’t even say why.”

Okay I will stop now; if you don’t know the song he sings with such heart, it is truly divine and so worth a listen in my view.

So as I sign off again this morning, I hope I have offered some food for feeling with today’s Word Vitamin when it comes to using this powerful statement I AM.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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