Animals have got the skill for consistent KINDNESS nailed if you ask me.

When we are grumpy, dismissive, away for too long or too busy KINDNESS is not easy for us humans to respond with. Pets are great teachers for the lessons of KINDNESS they so repetitively model for our hearts to learn from, if we are paying attention that is.

Remaining KIND-hearted when others are UNKIND is one of the most demanding Emotional Fitness workouts we encounter in life.

It is easy to be KIND to people who are nice to us, that requires no emotional muscle at all. But how generous are we with our KINDNESS to those who can give us nothing back perhaps because they are not yet emotionally fully developed or just too young. Emotional charity given willingly from our heart to those facing great poverty and I am speaking here of all forms of poverty are also hungry-hearted for human KINDNESS. There are times when being KIND can become a real challenge. Some people live in financial poverty but have a wealth of love that surrounds them. However, many people live in emotional poverty amid solid financial wealth. They have learnt how to earn yet are desperately impoverished having not encountered heartfelt love and support for who they are, not what they do or have.

So let us try not to judge and withhold our KINDNESS, but share it with all who enter our life’s orbit. KINDNESS in and of itself is inclusive not exclusive.

Can we disagree and still remain KIND?

Can we be disappointed and frustrated and still be KIND to ourselves and others?

When we choose to be KINDER and more forgiving towards ourselves we work our heart’s muscle of compassion. KINDNESS is compassion in action; passion that comes from our heart when we are in anyone’s company is a lifetime assignment for all HUMANKIND.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
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