When IMITATION arises consistently in our own behaviour or with others it’s a signal the individual has diminished self-trust.

When we IMITATE, we are looking for the shortcut, all the reward without the work involved in being brave enough to originate. Originality is earned through experience and self-honesty. IMITATION is about following. Origination is about a fearless heart expressing itself, breaking new ground and true leadership.

Confucius reminds us that there are three ways we earn our wisdom. The first through reflection (what you and I are doing right now) which is “the noblest”.

The second, by IMITATION, which is “the easiest”.

The third by experience which can be “the bitterest”.

So the easiest method via IMITATION is the most common route with the least reward for it sets up a pattern of external focus rather than internal maturity. The hardest learned but the most valuable lessons for us all are learned often through bitter life experience and the noble discipline of quiet, consistent self-study.

Sincerity and originality are all encompassing. It’s about being totally present and respectful of our hearts truth, the unique imprint of our character. Without it, a life of IMITATION diminishes the very foundation of our character and authenticity.

So let’s remember today to be fearlessly and unashamedly ourselves and improve our muscles of self-trust? Our originality is a byproduct of our sincerity; it’s about being the us, the real thing!

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

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