Some of humanity’s most brilliant minds …

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein, all consistently remind us that their success was due to the fact that they learnt to trust then honour their intuition as a way more powerful and reliable source than their intellect!

Our heart’s INTUITION takes great courage to honour.

Our INTUITION is a spiritual faculty so it will not explain why, but simply points the way. It is our heart’s individualised GPS for our life’s journey.

When working with my Emotional Fitness clients I share a little formula that I created to help me decode then honour my own heart’s navigational instructions.

It seems to me that our INTUITION guides us with three major ‘gut level’ signals.

1. Red = ‘not now’ simple guidance to stop. We feel heat and dread.

2. Yellow = ‘just pause and wait’ simple guidance to be cautious. We feel hot and cold and anxious.

3. Green = ‘yes, right now’ simple guidance to go for it! We feel cool and delighted.

However, we all know that simple truths don’t mean they are easy to follow, it takes a gutsy heart.

The wise yellow light of caution, our “I don’t know yet, I need to pause and wait” response is the most frequently ignored INTUITIVE signal. Thus anxiety in our society is a huge hurdle for many to befriend and work with instead of fearing it.

Deciding not to decide and wait is empowering wisdom to master. The yellow light of caution needs to be installed in adolescence by patient and compassionate elders. In the absence of role models who show us how to work with and honour our anxiety rather than make ourselves wrong, many dismiss, deny or shame healthy yellow light moments of caution.

If we drink, drug, spend or emotionally hide in order to numb our heart’s INTUITIVE signals, we end up unable to read our heart’s compass, emotionally lost.

Our INTUITION is always right and honouring it doesn’t mean we won’t face challenges.

I personally struggle the most with my “green” light that tells me yes, go for it.

Giving myself permission to shine and be unashamedly happy without guilt still feels awkward; it’s my most difficult intuitive challenge to honour. Green innately feels wrong for me, like the good stuff is for others; yep, it’s the Cinderella complex that’s for sure (no wonder I love shoes).

Living a “red-light life” or a “yellow-light” cautious life with my heart consistently flashing yellow intuitively telling me to just wait, not yet, it’s not my turn now so just pause and be patient … is how I used to live.

I am more familiar with intuitively honouring red and yellow, but green, now that is really difficult, because it’s really quite new for me.

Maybe it is for you too?

When difficulty still arises it doesn’t mean our INTUITION has failed and our heart’s lights are faulty. Looking back in the future we’ll see how right the lights were and necessary the lesson was.

Honouring INTUITION helps navigate and teach us about ourselves through troubled times the best way possible.

Our INTUITION always knows what to do, the discipline is in getting our intellect to quieten down, stop fighting the inconvenience of our truth and actually listen to and follow our heart’s GPS.

When we find the courage to leave the familiarity of our intellectual “should city” and venture into our heart’s vast unexplored wilderness where our INTUITION will lead us, what we discover will be wonderful for what we discover there is … ourselves.

If we work one day at a time on honouring our heart’s truth, learning how to use our heart’s GPS no matter how inconvenient, our dreams do eventually start to unfold and … the green lights begin to light up in unison before our very eyes, guiding us home.

Home is where our heart is.

If we’re brave enough to honour all of our heart’s INTUITIVE signals today, no matter what the colour, we’ll stay on track, won’t get lost nor crash into anyone else.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
© Copyright 2016 Cynthia J. Morton Emotional Fitness™

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Cynthia Morton

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