Mass Distraction



What’s your WEAPON of choice?

Work, social media, booze, over or under exercising or eating?

Maybe it is drugs, misuse of pills, gambling or revenge spending?

Some of us resort to games of sexual punishment with withdrawal of intimacy diverted to pets, children, secret affairs or too much porn?

Many of us go through phases where we choose to emotionally hide from love and life behind our favourite WEAPONS OF MASS DISTRACTION.

Emotional intimacy involves far more strength of character than physical, sexual, financial or intellectual intimacy asks from us. Heartfelt intimacy with ourselves, lovers, spouses, children and friends requires we become willing to sit with really confronting truths about who we are and who we are not.

Emotionally medicating with “WEAPONS OF MASS DISTRACTION” works a treat for us for a while, it buys us a little time, that’s all. Living in a state of emotional denial has a use by date that creeps up on us and bites us in the arse when we least expect it!

Those amongst us that have not learned the art of conflict resolution are destined to resort to picking up emotional armor to shield themselves from lives inevitable battles. Intimacy is created through a passionate desire to resolve conflict putting our self-respect and love before our ego. It is only true love that can fire our desire to surrender our ego, however if we won’t surrender our ego, we can never fully know true love.

An empowered state of surrender is where all of life’s unspeakably beautiful moments touch our hearts. When we choose to surrender our egoic armor before love we become present, emotionally available, connected and empowered. Think of the tender delight in rubbing our pets tummies, catching a toddler that jumps without caution into our arms, deep kisses that transport us into eternity and gentle love making that makes our hearts swell with beauty and gratitude. These are all empowered states of blissful surrender and emotional intimacy in action. Nurturing emotional times are created when we become more willing turn off the rest of the world and gift our full attention to those we love.

It’s important to remember as adults that it’s a myth that WEAPONS OF MASS DISTRACTION like alcohol or recreational drugs help relax and build quality intimate relationship potential by loosening us up. This emotive armory actually harms long-term relationships and slows down our nervous system, numbing our hearts truth. Any sense of improved relaxation is only anesthetized anxiety that’s hidden.

It takes courage to deliberately surrender any heavy armor around our hearts and review how much quality time our ego is robbing us of intimate love in our lives. Regardless of whether we are single or in a relationship if we are hiding from any conflict we need to resolve within ourselves, we are destined to also do it in relationship with others.

Love is an action.

Being emotionally present requires the most demanding action for most human beings to master, and that is to surrender. We either choose to improve on surrendering to the action of being present to love or remain an emotional hostage to our egos arsenal choosing WEAPONS OF MASS DISTRACTION instead of intimacy.

I choose love …


Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

Managing Director

Cynthia Morton is a bestselling Author, Blogger, Speaker and Founder of the multi award winning Emotional Fitness Program.