Monday’s Mess

MONDAY, bloody MONDAY ….
We unavoidably start our weeks as A MESS ON MONDAY’S if we’ve kicked off the weekend with a foolish Friday, followed through by a self sabotaging Sunday.
The days of the week can become our friend or enemy depending on the emotional “app” we have installed in the onset of our adult lives. Many of us are living with an adolescent “app” still running our lives long after our official years of adolescence have passed.
Our rite of passage into adult life, adolescence in other words, is framed to give us a decade to learn how to be a responsible grown up. We are given from approximately age 15 to 25. Some of us once we finished school and start work or study allow ourselves to party from Friday (sometimes Thursday) through until Sunday night. However there are many post age 26 that continue on running on their adolescent emotional “app” long after its out of date.
Uninstalling our emotional weekend “app” takes time and patience. I have clients in their mid fifties that are still learning how to not overindulge on weekends. Many of my clients are not addicts, just emotionally running on old programming that requires deleting so an upgrade that will serve them well can be installed.
So today’s Word Vitamin invites you to review your relationship with MONDAY’S. Are you A MESS ON MONDAY’S still?
How our lifestyles can change, once we become ready and willing to work on our Emotional Fitness. I personally used to be this woman in the photo, my weekend way of life always leaving a bad taste in my mouth on MONDAY mornings.
These days, after years of deliberate, consistent emotional reviewing my new love affair with MONDAY’S is an absolute delight. It is a delicious day I spend alone writing working on whatever project I am passionate about, my current labor of MONDAY love is my next book.
So I often encourage clients to install on their MONDAY calendar something new that they love and look forward to doing. It might be a yoga class, cooking their favorite meal, or having the night off and going out for dinner on a date night.
Life flies by so very quickly and MONDAY’s are a necessary part of our emotional rituals, we either make them our friends or our enemies. It can be a day where we feel like an emotional MESS and a slave to a dreaded routine, or we feel enthusiastic about the start of a fresh week and emotionally free. What’s it gonna be?
“For your life to change, you must change” …. Jim Rohn
Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
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Cynthia Morton

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