Mother Nature

mother nature


There are some very painful heart wounds that all of our good intentions, steely determination, physical fitness and psychological wisdom seem unable to heal.

Especially MOTHER wounds, they cut deep to our umbilical core and feel life threatening. Some of us require extra gentleness and humanitarian respect when it comes to this emotional umbilical healing.

Some severe heart healing like parental wounds can only be done when we become willing to invest time with our wise Universal Matriarch …


Her gentle, silent and reliable wisdom will heal for us those wounds that human’s best efforts cannot. MOTHER NATURE is the true source of our heart’s unique nature before our biological parents influences; so she knows how to nurture us and speak beauty and comfort to our tired hearts like no other could ever know.

For some of us she speaks through our garden, our pets, a sunset or sunrise, the trees, the mountains, a thunderstorm, rainbow or the ocean. She is a beautiful, reliable, wise universal law unto herself like gravity that we can always depend upon and I mean in “all ways” for she has provided a smorgasbord for us to choose from.

But too often we forget she is there for us.

If our heart feels tender and human contact gets too overwhelming to surrender to, let’s remember to hang out with our natures true matriarch MOTHER NATURE and give her time to heal our deepest wounds?

For the harsh truth of life for us all as Buddhism reminds us is that … ”

We are all alone together” in this world.

So if that truth gets too hard to digest some days, we can remember we are never alone when we turn off our head and tune our heart into our divinely beautiful MOTHER NATURE.

I will be right there with you in spirit too ….

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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