PISSEDOFFNESS is a place many of us go to, and stay a while when relationships and life just get too damned much.

We find peace in our PISSEDOFF state, because we become so bloody unpleasant everyone leaves us alone. But we remain disconnected from our heart, and stuck in our ego, as PISSEDOFFNESS is fear driven.

PISSEDOFFNESS often occurs when we shut our heart down and shift into automatic pilot or our ego/masculine gear. Regardless of our gender, we all defer to our masculine warrior gear when our heart can’t take anymore.

When PISSEDOFF some of us retreat (flight) and some of us attack (fight).

Our ego or our active (masculine) side if PISSEDOFF enough when communicating will only listen for “the point” or “the facts” to find clear direction on what action to take or solution to find. Our masculine/ego gets superior about information delivery, insisting fact is more important than emotion.

We become heartless!

However, our heart or our receptive (feminine) side listens for tone and watches for body language in order to be considerate and sensitive to underlying concerns that may be being neglected.

But when we get PISSEDOFF enough, our feminine (our emotions) are denied and made inferior and wrong, ignoring our emotional truths and the fact that emotions are equally as important as the facts.

Our (feminine) side when communicating listens for “the tone” and considers respect levels and emotional safety in order to find clear direction on what action to take or solution to find.

When we’re not fearful, but loving towards ourselves and others, these two sides of our human energy work together in order to create peace.

When we are balanced within ourselves our communication skills are at their optimum as we are able to do both: take considered and respectful actions incorporating all the necessary facts …

The result is a win/win outcome = peace.
When disconnected within ourselves we’ve given into our fear and will remain in unresolved PISSEDOFFNESS until we become willing to address both facts and feelings.

So if we hear a cold heart snap and spit out words heartlessly like …

“What’s your point you idiot! Cut to the chase, I haven’t got time for all this emotional crap,” or we just resort to thinking or saying one of my reliable go to’s when I’m PISSSEDOFF and that’s simply ….

“Fuck off.”

The ego-driven person (perhaps ourselves) is not willing to listen and be receptive to how the other is feeling. They’ve become stuck in masculine gear or their ego (head/thought, action/body) has shut down their feminine side’s (heart/emotions) heartfelt warmth. Thus they will seem cold-hearted, uncaring, disconnected and insensitive.

When PISSEDOFF and in our ego we become unbalanced and only interested in one-way communication and in danger of taking insensitive actions.

The result will be a win/lose outcome = PISSEDOFFNESS.

So let’s avoid fear’s route, PISSEDOFFNESS, to finding peace.

Instead let’s encourage others and remember ourselves to consider both feelings and facts as having equal importance in all our relationship communications.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
© Copyright 2016 Cynthia J. Morton Emotional Fitness™

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