People with real POWER never fear losing it, for they understand that at a heart level that no one can ever take it from them.

However people who feel POWERless choose to consistently control and obsess and live in fear of losing it.

Which one are you? Probably both from time to time, like most of us.

I love Marianne Williamsons suggestion in the amazing speech she wrote for Nelson Mandela reminding us that we are all “POWERful beyond measure”. In my experience I agree we are all POWERful beyond measure, however we all also struggle with feeling POWERless beyond measure, from time to time too.

Today’s Word Vitamin invites you to explore what feeling real POWER means to you. It was something I had to address fearlessly when I admitted I was POWERless over my addictions and the childhood violence and trauma that littered my past.

In admitting I was POWERless resulted in the greatest contradictory surprise of my life. When I let go of trying to control my life’s biggest fears, and surrendered them admitting I was POWERless, true inner POWER … inPOWERMENT commenced.

I used to think that POWERful people were non-surrendering, rock solid, unshakable characters who bulldozed their way through life getting their needs met, accumulating success along the way. I have come to understand this is not authentic POWER, it’s controlled forcefulness. Sure it works but it does not build connection on an emotional level. Brute force will make a form of progress, but the question I have learned to ask myself is …

“What is the emotional cost long term?”

Those with real POWER that I admire are those who surrender to their humanness understanding that without an open and honest heart we lose ourselves in our lives journey. Not just that, we also lose those we love along the way.

Inner POWER means we understand that love, kindness and gentleness takes more strength and wisdom to sustain in life than anything else. Nobody can take kindness, love and compassion from our hearts unless we give it to them. With a full heart we live an abundant life regardless of what emotional, financial or physical seasons we must weather and endure.

In my experience the most POWERFUL adults and children I have encountered are less interested in controlling themselves or others, and more concerned about being unapologetically authentically themselves, and sustaining a quality emotional connection with others.

A quick tip to indicate whether others or we are operating from a place of authentic POWER is when laughter and tears both freely flow along with the three most important phrases and open heart can share.

I am sorry

I love you

Please help me

Can we say this, and mean it at a heart level to ourselves? And can we say it to those who matter most to us. Not just sometimes, often.

So if it is real POWER we are seeking to charge up our lives with we will require a willingness to laugh and cry with compassion for others and ourselves.

The most POWERful leaders must master gentle compassion coupled with an unwavering commitment to ensuring they focus primarily on the POWER of love, not the love of POWER.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

Managing Director

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