Our eating and spending behaviours are a window into our level of emotional self-care.

When we over or undereat and/or spend, this mirrors emotional deprivation or over compensation. Our financial and physical WEIGHT reflects how we manage our emotional baggage. We either lighten up and unpack with love or WEIGH ourselves down feeling heavy and overloaded with fear.

Sometimes however, we need to just stop on pause in the middle of emotional overload and waiting (WEIGHTING) seems like the safest option. Our quality of life is indicative of where we are at with distributing the WEIGHT of our emotional baggage. Are we travelling lightly or waiting (WEIGHTING) for a better time, place or person to unpack with?

When we carry or neglect excessive financial or physical WEIGHT issues often we are also carrying or neglecting excess emotional baggage too. We all go through phases in life where we need to pause, tread water and check we are safe. When we are in this waiting (WEIGHTING) phase we are often in preparation for the next stage of emotional growth, looking for where, when and how to emotionally unpack.

While in a phase of discomfort with financial or physical WEIGHT, the most important thing to remember is to be gentle and patient with ourselves and others. Our WEIGHT only corrects itself when we correctly address our fears instead of deny them.

So let’s focus less on food and cash and more on our fears.

Becoming more mindful of our emotional reflexes around needing to punish and/or reward ourselves or others with external temporary pleasure (food and cash) keeps us stuck in a fearful disempowered child’s mindset. Instant gratification and withholding reward if we are naughty or good keeps us in a consistent state of swinging powerlessly between being good or bad. We are neither good or bad as adults when we carry excess or not enough financial or physical WEIGHT. We are just in the midst of a WAITING phase and trying to keep ourselves safe.

If we are judging ourselves harshly with our fears for being in this phase in our lives, we are only adding to our WEIGHT issues. So let’s remain in an adult mindset choosing natural highs as we move forward through our lives. If we bolster not drain our self-respect we feel centred and balanced, not emotionally immobilised from the WEIGHT of our own fearful judgements.

Let’s feed ourselves and manage our cash to ensure we carry no shame or need to hide and pretend in fear. Natural highs involve our heart being nourished with self-respectful behaviours we can feel proud of. As an empowered adult, if we can choose to relax a little more and feed our heart with patience, compassion, love, self-respect so we don’t feel punished, spent, starved or stuffed.

Emotional and physical bankruptcy is a result of fear winning one round in our lives only. As someone who has recovered from both financial and emotional bankruptcy myself, I have learnt the hard way about carrying too much WEIGHT.

Too many of us take on the responsibility of carrying excess baggage full of fears with other people’s names on the bags. Let’s just check if feeling WEIGHED down that we’re not still carrying around other’s emotional baggage, stuffed chockablock with fear. Harsh judgement of ourselves and others when it comes to physical and financial WEIGHT subsides when we feel ready and safe to invest in taking the time to unpack.

May we all work on reducing the WEIGHT of our fears and allow ourselves a little more love and lightheartedness.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx
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