The places in our personality where we tend to react from fear instead of respond from love exist within us all.

Let’s remember today that these anxious and tender places can either be shamed as faults or understood as WOUNDS.

WOUNDS become toxic when they are neglected then dismissed; but heal and evolve into wisdom within our personality when they are addressed.

Plastering our wounds with booze, drugs, food, spending, gambling, sex, busyness or work just keeps our life on hold. It also creates emotional infections which just adds to our problems.

Most people spend the second half of their life, getting over the first.

We’ve all got (in varying degrees) emotional WOUNDING by the time we reach adult life.

Too many of us struggle every day in silence as the walking WOUNDED, emotionally fragile, too awkward or ashamed to admit we need help.

It takes wisdom and courage to ask for help.

I personally still pay for eldership as I don’t have access to emotionally available adults with specific skills, wisdom and expertise in tending to my type of heart WOUNDING that involves emotional neglect, violence and incest.

I’ve been asking for emotional expertise since I got clean and sober back in1995, addressing my addiction and abusive childhood WOUNDING.

It’s been the wisest investment I’ve ever made. The abundant emotional dividends are beyond my wildest dreams.

When I run Emotional Fitness workshops with psychology students I remind them that the word ‘therapist’ is a beautiful Latin word that translates to mean “attendant of the soul”.

In ancient times tribal elders tended to our souls WOUNDS; the elders were the heart healers.

In Western society for those like me who have had addiction and trauma wipe out eldership wisdom like a bushfire, we must become willing to seek out safe and wise “attendants of the soul”.

We willingly pay for good dental care, a decent massage and a qualified electrician.

I personally believe it’s wise to invest in building our Emotional Fitness so we can stop emotionally surviving as the walking WOUNDED and start relaxing into living and loving fully without fear.

So today let’s be more willing to admit to and attend to our hearts WOUNDS and regain our emotional mobility and flexibility?

Please let’s be gentle with those reacting in fear including ourselves when a WOUND gets knocked so the opportunity to heal is not neglected?

Gentle respect and kindness is the universal language of the heart and is the most effective cure for any fear induced emotional WOUND.

Our level of emotional wealth depends on how wisely we invest in self-care.

Lotsa love Cynthia xxx

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Cynthia Morton

Managing Director

Cynthia Morton is a bestselling Author, Blogger, Speaker and Founder of the multi award winning Emotional Fitness Program.